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Church Cross



To increase the funds available for those in need, as well as other resources, and to increase relational engagement from local churches to people in financial need. 


What is it: 
The CBC is a partnership between local churches: they have shared funds with each other and have committed to providing volunteers to serve in two roles, as both people to manage the distribution of funds and to serve as mentors to those receiving funds.  Connected to the CBC is additional programs such as financial literacy, career counseling, payday lending rescue, and connection to a local church.  TSC serves as the administrative partner, serving as a neutral location, scheduler, trainer, and resource.


How it works: 

As one of the partner churches receives a request for financial support, contact info is gathered, and that information is shared with TSC in order to coordinate schedules to meet with the person making the request and a church volunteer.  


What we hope will take place at the first meeting:

The first meeting is intended to accomplish three things:

  1. Hear the person’s story so as to better understand their situation.

  2. Introduce them to any resource that may aid them immediately.

  3. Acquaint them with local churches and Transform Scott County for long term relationship support.
    After the first meeting, a follow-up process is initiated to maintain contact and support.


How can you use it as a community service agency?

Anyone person wanting support from the CBC is requested to call one of the church partners (Grace Christian, Faith Baptist, Georgetown Baptist, Northside Christian, Regeneration Church, Victory Life). 


If your church would like more information about the CBC, please contact Transform Scott County.

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