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You don’t have to be a social scientist to know that mentoring relationships can have a positive impact on people of any age, especially youth.  This is why TSC does youth mentoring.  Our simple philosophy is if you put an adult of faith, hope, and stability in relationship with a youth who may be experiencing, instability, fear, and doubt, great things will happen.  We do this through a few different partnerships:

  • Scott County Court Designated Worker (CDW) program where we provide mentors for any Scott County student during their diversion program. 

  • Our partnership with Phoenix Horizon Community (PHC) where we send mentors into the school each week for 1 hour to meet with an at-risk or high-risk student. 

  • Teen Court is a program through the Elkhorn Crossing school where we are a referral for sentencing if students see fit. 

  • Our newest initiative, the Youth Mentoring Network (YMN) is a community based mentoring program where we take mentoring outside of the school and into the community. We do this in partnership with 4 local churches who provide support and encouragement for mentors, safe spaces for them to meet with their students, and events and opportunities for mentees and their families to engage the local church. 






Do you want to make an impact?  Can you give an hour per week?  Do you love Jesus and love people?  Then you should be a mentor!

Do you have a kid in the Scott County Schools? Do you feel he/she could benefit from a mentor? Then you should contact us so we can get them a mentor! 

 Click here to fill out our contact card and the program director will be in contact with you soon!

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