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Statement of Belief


  • Transform Scott County believes that all people have worth and are worthy of dignity.

  • Transform Scott County believes all people have God-given, inherent gifts.

  • Transform Scott County believes in the purity of God’s Holy Word, the activity and power of the Holy Spirit, and the true God nature of Jesus Christ.

  • Transform Scott County believes Jesus came for all people, accepting all through the repentance of sins and the acceptance of His salvation.


These beliefs compel Transform Scott County to serve anyone and everyone, no matter socioeconomic status, race or ethnicity, color or creed, gender, identity, sexuality, religious beliefs…EVERYONE.  We often say we are progressive in our practice but traditional in our beliefs.  These practices and beliefs center on our core mission; a conviction that the local church is God’s conduit to deliver His full reality to the world.  While we may not agree with an individual’s behaviors or decisions, we are committed to do all we can through service, practicing truth in love, and the professing that Jesus Christ came to save us all…"on earth as it is in heaven."  We believe in relationships, and so as to any question about any specific stance, doctrine, or position, we welcome a relationship with you.

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